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Identify and secure all available coverage options for your patients while maximizing reimbursement opportunities for your organization.
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ApprioHealth RevQuest™ Enrollment Services

Enrollment payer sources aren’t limited to those associated with Medicaid and county indigent plans. ApprioHealth helps your patients find and enroll in eligible local, state and federal programs.

Our advocates identify socio-economic programs such as food stamps and housing assistance but also dig deeper to find programs such as home energy assistance, discounted internet/phone service and temporary cash assistance. When combined they materially improve the lives and overall health of patients as well as satisfaction with you, their healthcare provider.

Enrollment Is Step One in Patients Receiving the Benefits They Deserve

ApprioHealth RevQuest™ services support you in critical aspects of the revenue cycle continuum. Leverage RevQuest™ Enrollment independently, or within the comprehensive and fully integrated suite.

ApprioHealth Screens for a Variety of Programs

  • State Medicaid Specific Programs
  • Disability (SSI/SSDI)
  • Federal Crime Victims
  • Indian Health Services
  • Miscellaneous Private Policies
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Newborn Programs
  • Nursing Home Placement
  • Primary Care Access Network
  • QHP/Health Insurance Exchange
  • Share of Cost
  • State/County Indigent Coverage
  • Third Party Liability
  • Veterans Administration
  • Workers Compensation

The ApprioHealth suite of services supports our partners in critical aspects of the revenue cycle continuum.

The configuration of our offering allows our client partners to access a single service as needed or implement the comprehensive and fully integrated suite.

Apprio Health

Verification and Personal Screening

Our enrollment specialists help patients identify potential coverage from a variety of sources, including workers compensation, auto insurance, COBRA benefits, claims against a third party and other programs which could be responsible for medical costs. We evaluate all patient cases to determine if the diagnosis or specific conditions would make the patient eligible for Medicaid/SSI/SSDI.

Active Patient Engagement and Onsite Presence

Our specialists work onsite at your facilities to ensure access to patients to build relationships and secure rapid enrollment. We educate patients about the services available to them and assist with any necessary paperwork and application submission.

Apprio Health
Apprio Health


ApprioHealth’s RevQuest™ Enrollment proprietary management system aids with capturing patient data and automating enrollment processes. Our team utilizes our bedside tablet screening tool, RioLive™, to evaluate the collected patient information and identify programs that match patient-specific circumstances, including current financial, medical and socio-economic situation.

After-Hours Support

ApprioHealth supports patient screening and enrollment at medical facilities, even when we do not have an onsite specialist. ApprioHealth leverages technology to deliver patient support in a variety of mobile formats, including computers, kiosks, mobile tablets and phones.

Apprio Health
Apprio Health

Patient Disability Qualifiers

As a part of every screening, our team will scan for immediate qualifiers for Medicaid eligibility, such as a pregnancy or a disabling condition. Each patient’s medical history is reviewed to identify any serious or chronic medical conditions that may also meet Social Security Administration or state disability criteria.

Regular Contact

ApprioHealth specialists follow up on patient cases at least every 10 days, ensuring we are up to date on applicable treatment outcomes that may impact enrollment applications. We regularly reach out to patients regarding the status of their enrollment applications and answer any questions that may arise throughout the process.
Apprio Health

ApprioHealth Is Defining the Future of Revenue Cycle Service

Our breadth and reach within the payer community – including with federal payers – delivers a highly effective, efficient option for assisting patients with the financial impact of their care.


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