Securing Maximum Recovery Is Not an Accident

Navigate the claim submission process and conduct timely follow-up activities.

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ApprioHealth RevQuest™ Liability Services

Maximize revenue from motor vehicle accident (MVA) and workers compensation claims, resulting in a reduction of A/R days and a significant increase in cash recovery.

ApprioHealth’s liability team is comprised of subject matter experts such as nurses, insurance adjusters, attorneys and paralegals. We ensure legal and procedural requirements are met, documentation is captured and filed, and benefits are coordinated across all available payers.

RevQuest™ Liability will translate into more approvals, more rapidly and more efficiently.

ApprioHealth RevQuest™ services support you in critical aspects of the revenue cycle continuum. Leverage RevQuest™ Liability services independently, or within the comprehensive and fully integrated suite.

ApprioHealth Liability Specialists Will:

Capture more liability claims using proven technology and analytics to identify and increase accident recovery opportunities

Manage attorneys ensuring that hospitals’ interests are protected during negotiations and payment

Achieve maximum reimbursement based on established standards for coordination of benefits

File liens and provide notice in accordance with state laws

Negotiate settlements using the requirements defined by our hospital clients

ApprioHealth will help your organization to:

  • Increase successful resolution of third-party liability accounts
  • Identify at-fault and no-fault based insurance policies
  • Efficiently invoice all available third-party liability payers
  • Track processing from payers regarding claim status until claims are paid
  • Ensure collection of the maximum percentage of possible charges

Compassion and a positive patient experience are the cornerstones of our service.

Apprio Health

Account Placement

We work with you to identify all potential third-party liability accounts, ideally at the time of service, to ensure rapid claims processing. Our team also provides post billing analytical reviews looking for accident codes that help capture those unidentified third-party liability accounts.

Account Triage

ApprioHealth will conduct the initial investigation and triage of accounts to capture all necessary documents and accelerate claim recovery.

Apprio Health
Apprio Health

Claim Management and Adjudication

All relevant accounts will be billed to no-fault and fault-based liability insurers and other liable third parties. Statutory liens will be filed, and proper notice given when appropriate. We will provide notice of the claim to attorneys and insurance adjusters, and we will regularly follow up with insurance carriers and attorneys until the claim is paid.

Post Settlement and Lien Enforcement

All payments are made directly to you, and the ApprioHealth team ensures transactions are processed in a timely manner and payments are as expected. We enforce liens, interpleader and estate actions using ApprioHealth’s legal counsel or in cooperation with hospital counsel, at your discretion.

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The Shortest Distance from Claim to Recovery

ApprioHealth has the people, technology and processes to manage your liability claims. Clients benefit from our comprehensive revenue cycle solution for complex claim liability.


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