Reducing Days in A/R and Improving Cash Recovery

Exceed your revenue recovery goals and improve your bottom line.

Apprio Health

ApprioHealth RevQuest™ Insurance Recovery Services

Navigating the complex healthcare reimbursement system can be daunting and can exhaust your limited resources.

Our insurance recovery specialists are experienced in retrieving revenue from all payers. This includes in-state and out-of-state Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans Administration and managed care organizations.

RevQuest™ Disability will translate into more efficient, effective and improved revenue return.

ApprioHealth RevQuest™ services support you in critical aspects of the revenue cycle continuum. Leverage RevQuest™ Insurance Recovery services independently, or within the comprehensive and fully integrated suite.

ApprioHealth Insurance Recovery Specialists Are Here to Help

Recover aged claims including coding and medical denials

Collect on your large volume payers or selected, complex claims

Convert claims faster and materially impact your accounts receivable days

Manage in-state and out-of-state Medicaid application, billing and provider enrollment

Expedite and monitor insurance claims

Oversee and manage Veterans Administration claims

Compassion and a positive patient experience are the cornerstones of our service.

Apprio Health

Billing and Follow Up

All accounts identified in the initial review will be handled using our specialized workflow processes, including Medicare and Medicaid billing and follow up. Assigned accounts are prioritized by ApprioHealth to address both client strategic goals as well as revenue maximization. 

Resolve Claims Faster While Improving Accounts Receivable Aging and Maximizing Cash Recovery


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