An Integrated Approach to
Revenue Cycle Management

ApprioHealth can help you achieve fiscal health while
providing your patients with caring, compassionate support.

The ApprioHealth RevQuestTM Platform

Our services provide support for critical aspects of the revenue cycle continuum.

With RevQuest, you can access a single service as needed or implement the comprehensive and fully integrated suite.

Apprio Health enrollment service


Comprehensive enrollment and eligibility services to identify the best coverage options for patients while maximizing client revenue.


Advocates specially trained in the complexities of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) provide expert assistance and guidance improving first time approval rates.

Apprio Health disability service
Apprio Health liability service


A cross-functional team of legal, insurance and clinical experts work together to successfully resolve the multi-faceted issues associated with motor vehicle accident and workers compensation claims.


Advanced technology and best-in-class processes aggressively manage claims from all payers as a result of a system conversion or operational backlog. Customized service configuration allows for acceptance of aged claims as well as traditionally complex situations such as out-of-state Medicaid and Veterans Administration.

Apprio Health recover service
Apprio Health ancillary service

Locum Tenens

Find the best physicians and protect revenue with ApprioHealth locum tenens sevices. Ensure adequate coverage for your patient population with temporary physician coverage.

You deliver high-quality care.
ApprioHealth delivers a healthy bottom line.

Maximize your revenue through effective claim management and streamlined processes

Inform, educate and guide patients in taking full advantage of available financial and socio-economic resources

Utilize technology to improve workflows, allowing you to reallocate resources to areas of need

Deliver insight on your financial performance to make better business decisions and provide the best possible care to patients

Improve your patient experience and satisfaction with key components of the revenue cycle

ApprioHealth Is Defining the Future of Revenue Cycle Service

Our breadth and reach within the payer community – including with federal payers – delivers a highly effective, efficient option for assisting patients with the financial aspect of their care.


Contact us today to learn how we work in partnership with you to help you operate efficiently and effectively.