Improved Patient Relationships.Stronger Financial Performance.

We’ll partner with your healthcare organization to provide solutions that improve operational and financial performance while positively impacting patient satisfaction.

Medicaid Renewal

Do you need help renewing?

Did you get the DCF letter with the yellow stripe? We can assist in renewing your coverage

APPRIOHealth Is Defining the Future of Revenue Cycle Services

ApprioHealth combines Apprio’s 20 years of technology experience with revenue cycle management (RCM) executives acquired from strategic hires in the RCM space.

We exist with one goal: revolutionize the way hospitals and health systems use technology to enroll patients with payers and collect the money due to them for treatment provided.

ApprioHealth Benefits Patients and Providers

Apprio Health patients


  • Identifying federal, state and local payers who can help pay for care
  • Providing compassionate customer support
  • Enrolling patients with available coverage options including socioeconomic assistance
  • Treating each individual with compassion, dignity and respect

Apprio Health providers


  • Maximize revenue through effective claims management and streamlined processes
  • Use technology to improve processes
  • Deliver insight on your financial performance
  • Improve your patients’ experience and satisfaction

A Formula for Improved Patient Satisfaction


patients about available coverage options

Apprio Health


with complex enrollment processes

Apprio Health


patients in programs that meet their needs

Apprio Health
Apprio Health

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Core Services

Apprio Health Enrollment


Providing your organization with more reimbursement opportunities while maximizing benefits to your patients.

Apprio Health Disability


Representing your potentially disabled patients and guiding them through the entire disability application process and any related appeals.

Apprio Health Liability


Identifying appropriate third-party payers and successfully resolving claims.

Apprio Health Recovery

Insurance Recovery

Recover revenue from all types of payers including in-state and out-of-state Medicaid, Medicare, V.A. and payer-specific projects.

Learn how ApprioHealth can lower your bad debt, improve your cash flow while creating a positive patient experience.

Apprio Health